Issue 2017-2018 / 3, June.2018

TECH TALKs at Mu Sigma , ITPL on 1st of April, 2018 from Director , NASSCOM , Centre Of Excellence for IOT and Mr.Dhiraj Rajaram , Founder/CEO Mu Sigma

As a climax to a successful , well-attended TechTalk series of the year with the theme of “Extracting Value from Data - Reaping the Tangible Benefits of (I)IOT” , ISA Bangalore conducted an event, exclusive to its members, related to leveraging IOT technologies in the real world

It was the 1st of April , and a Sunday . There was a light and relaxed feel in the spacious , well-equipped auditorium at a high floor of the Aviator building , premises of Mu Sigma , gracious hosts for the afternoon. The large glass wall at one end let in a lot of natural light and the view across ITPL in Whitefield was great. The audience consisting of members of ISA and employees of Mu Sigma looked forward to the mini-seminar session and they were not disappointed.

Presentation by Sudanshu , NASSCOM – COE/IOT

The keynote address was by Mr Sudhanshu Mittal, Director , Industry 4.0, NASSCOM on how NASSCOM is facilitating the (I)IOT start up ventures with infrastructure and networking. This was followed by an overview talk by Mr.Dhiraj Rajaram , Founder Mu Sigma and a detailed presentation by his young team in their lab both highlighting the problem-solving capabilities of (I)IOT and their cutting edge use cases with Fortune500 customers.

Presentation By Dhiraj Rajaram

We learnt from Sudhanshu that the Centre of Excellence for IoT, is a Digital India initiative led by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology & NASSCOM. It is the largest existing innovation platform for enabling IoT revolution through connected devices using emerging technologies such as Sensors, Big Data, Analytics, AI/ML, AR/VR and Robotics. Current focus areas are AgriTech, HealthTech, Industry 4.0, Energy, Water, CleanTech, Auto & Smart Cities.

A Section Of The audience

With headquarters in Bengaluru and support labs here as well as in Gurugram and Ahmedabad , it facilitates development of start-ups and connects them to end-user companies , other innovators, academia , government and investors - to enable them to reach their maximum potential. He explained in response to one of the many questions put to him that COE-IT incubates only those start-up companies who already have some track-record of performance and experience.

Dhiraj Rajaram , Founder and CEO of Mu Sigma , a global level provider of analytics and decision science solutions stated that “ We are catalysts for making Big Data , Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Decision Sciences ‘Real’ in leading corporations”. He made an articulate and fascinating exposition about the new paradigms ingrained in their company , about an open-minded and innovative learning-based approach with fast implementation capability ; about an introspective , ever-probing intelligence which takes a torch-light to the requirements posed by clients. He called this an expansion of business consciousness versus the traditional focus on business intelligence and stated with some pride that they are able to attract professionals from abroad to come to Bengaluru and be a part of their workforce from here.

Presentation in the Mu Sigma innovation Lab