Issue 2017-2018 / 3, June.2018

Experience as a volunteer in ISA


Working as ISA Executive Member is a great privilege and opportunity for leadership development and to get experience of how a volunteer organization works.

As President I had many instances of Challenge and Achievement. We had Planned for an event for Automation in Pharma and Life Sciences , Pharma Next 2018.


I was totally new to this domain and it was a challenge to meet the expectation of ISA Bangalore and my EC team . For the event to be successful we needed sponsors .To get sponsorship the basic necessity was to get key speakers from pharma companies and also top policy making official like the DCGI who has many higher priorities and a very busy schedule . My task was to get him for the event. In initial meeting he only delegated to a junior official. However I persisted over multiple meetings . Eventually he agreed to come and was a star speaker at the event and even publicly acknowledged my perseverance to invite him. Many such Instances are always available to contribute with passion for the sake of the automation community and get appreciation for the same.


As I step into the 25th year of membership I remember the initial meetings with TRR ( T Ravishankar ) , Nitin Tamhane and others who helped in creating one of the most professional Societies that I have been associated with.


The membership has benefitted me both technically and professionally. Working with professionals at various technical levels keeping the greater objectives of the ISA Section in mind is an unforgettable experience. Another great opportunity is working with faculty and students for developing the industry connect for academia.


I was a member of ISA on and off, but continuous member since September 2004. Initially, attending technical talks organised by ISA Bangalore Section attracted me to get involved in ISA activities . From 2008 onwards, I got opportunities to work as a volunteer and contribute in various leadership positions such as Vice President, Education Chair, Membership Chair, President Elect and President of ISA Bangalore Section. Also, got opportunity to work as Section Division Liaison of ISA District 14


These positions helped to network with students & faculties from various engineering colleges as well as many professionals from industry. Opportunities to interact with fellow professionals , in a manner quite different from office interactions, delivering technical talks, contributing as faculty for training, mentoring students and managing events provided great satisfaction and in fact helped me to improve my own knowledge and leadership skills too.



Volunteering for ISA gives me immense satisfaction to contribute to a great common cause to the community . ISA provides a common umbrella platform for people to unite and display their volunteerism, which helps us in polishing our leadership skills. It is important to create and sustain the positivity and energy for all to share.


I clearly see a necessary role for neutral institutions like ISA to act as an enabling interface across the Automation community .


Being one with the team to serve this need gives me a lot of satisfaction. Incidental benefits are of course there of becoming aware of the different areas and persons within Automation field across sectors , of the trends and possibilities for one’s own career also.

There is joy in accomplishing section goals as part of a team whose dynamics are different from a conventional company.


I have been able to experiment with myself and hone leadership skills in this environment and use it in other places. For example , I got to be the master of ceremonies at the PharmaNext Seminar , a first time experience for me at a big event.


There are many opportunities here for connecting with a wide variety of professionals and domains not possible anywhere else. Especially for a youngster starting career it can provide access to great experiences and seniors in the field .

There is the immense satisfaction of meeting a need of the Automation community through programs from ISA .